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Who are we?


We are a group of researchers who work closely with regional and disease-specific registers collecting information about congenital anomalies occurring in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.


This website provides information for health professionals, parents and other members of the public, in partnership with EUROCAT.

What is a congenital anomaly?


A congenital anomaly is defined as any defect present at delivery, probably originating before birth, and includes structural, chromosomal, genetic and biochemical defects and malformations.



BINOCARD - The British and Irish Network of Congenital Anomaly Research Database



BINOCAR is in the process of creating a research database for future research into the long-term outcomes of children with congenital anomalies, through linking historical congenital anomaly records to selected administrative databases. To find out more, please see the BINOCARD section.


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CARIS publishes revised table on rare diseases


26 February 2015

To mark Rare Disease Day on February 28, CARIS has posted an updated table on genetic and syndromic rare diseases in Wales on its website. Click on the title above for more information and the link to the table.

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