BINOCAR Registers

British and Irish Network of
Congenital Anomaly Researchers

Past events


BINOCAR holds an annual general meeting for register staff each autumn.  Every alternate year, a scientific meeting is held alongside the AGM which is hosted by one of the registers.  The scientific meeting is open to anyone with an interest in congenital anomalies.  (Delegate fees are charged to cover costs.)  Regular topic-based educational study days are held for register staff and other health professionals.


Date Meeting Title Location Meeting Type Host Register
09/06/2006-10/06/2006 EUROCAT Registry Leaders' Meeting Graz, Austria National/International  
17/05/2006 BINOCAR Management Committee University of Leicester Management Committee EMSYCAR
25/01/2006 BINOCAR Management Committee ONS, London Management Committee  
19/10/2005 National Screening Committee Fetal Anomaly Programme RCOG, London National/International  
19/10/2005 BINOCAR AGM Freeman Hospital, Newcastle AGM NorCAS
05/10/2005 BINOCAR Management Committee Perinatal Institute, Birmingham Management Committee WMCAR
05/10/2005 BINOCAR AGM Perinatal Institute, Birmingham AGM WMCAR
22/06/2005 National Screening Committee Fetal Anomaly Programme Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham National/International  
11/06/2005 EUROCAT Registry Leaders' Meeting Poznan, Poland National/International  
10/06/2005 8th EUROCAT European Symposium Poznan, Poland National/International  


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